Business Incentives

In addition to an exceptional quality of life, a location on the cusp of the D.C. Metropolitan area, and access to a global community, Fauquier County also offers the following incentives to new and existing businesses. To discuss Business Incentives, contact Miles Friedman at (540) 422-8270, or email:

Local Incentives:

State Incentives:




Special Incentive Zones

Eight zones provide incentives that encourage growth in these targeted industries, including:

  • Technology Zones
  • Defense Zones
  • Tourism Zones

Processing Fee Waivers

  • Site Plan fee waiver
  • Building Permit fee waiver

Tax Rebates

  • Business License
  • Business Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Machinery & Tools

Technology & Tourism Grants

These small grants, in the amount of up to $2,000, are open to licensed businesses located within the Technology and Tourism Zones located throughout the County.  These grants are typically offered once per year and are advertised on this website and in the community.

Fauquier County Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The EDA has the authority to issue tax-exempt bonds to businesses and non-profits at its discretion.
These bonds allow businesses and organizations to obtain funding they might otherwise not be able to obtain.


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Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP)

This program encourages the expansion of existing Virginia businesses and start-up of new business operations by addressing the top concerns of existing businesses and economic development prospects and finding and developing a skilled workforce. The Program helps offset recruiting and training costs incurred by companies that are eithe creating new jobs or implementing technological upgrades. In addition to offering direct funding, VJIP also provides assistance with workforce-related challenges and organizational development workshops.

  • New Jobs Program
  • Small Business New Jobs Program
  • Retraining

Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)

This Program helps Virginia’s existing & prospective businesses through an extensive portfolio of financing programs. While grants are not offered, this program helps Virginia’s financial institutions offer business loans that they might not be able to offer without assistance from this program. The portfolio of financing programs assist:

  • Economic Development (fixed asset purchases such as lands, buildings & equipment)
  • Small Businesses
  • Existing Businesses (that have been in operation for at least 2 years)
  • Minority-Owned Businesses
  • Tourism Related Businesses
  • Licensed Child Care Centers & Family-Home Providers
  • Virginia’s Environmental (purchase of environmentally-friendly equipment or structures)
  • Small Manufacturers & 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund (COF)

The COF, formerly known as the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, is a discretionary incentive available to the Governor to secure a business location or expansion project for Virginia. Grants are awarded to localities on a local matching basis with the expectation that the grant will result in a favorable location decision for the Commonwealth.

Tax Exemptions and Credits

    • Sales and Use Exemptions
      Virginia offers some of the broadest sales and use tax exemptions in the U.S.
    • Property Tax Exemptions
      Virginia does not tax intangible property, manufacturers’ inventory, and manufacturers’ furniture, fixtures and corporate aircraft.
    • Corporate Income Tax Credits
      Virginia offers a variety of tax credits that are available for use against a company’s corporate tax liability.

State Incentive Grants

      • The Virginia Economic Development Incentive Grant (VEDIG)
        The Virginia Economic Development Incentive Grant (VEDIG) is a discretionary performance incentive, designed to assist and encourage companies to invest and create new employment opportunities by locating significant headquarters, administrative or service sector operations in Virginia.
      • Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID)
        The AFID is a tool for communities within the Commonwealth to grow their agriculture and forestry industries through strategic grants made to businesses that add value to Virginia-grown agricultural and forestal products. AFID grants are made at the discretion of the Governor with the expectation that grants awarded to a political subdivision will result in a new or expanded processing/value-added facility for Virginia grown agricultural or forestal products, and with the expectation that the grant will be critical to the success of the project. The amount of an AFID grant and the terms under which it is given are determined by the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry and subject to the approval of the Governor.
      • Virginia Investment Partnership Act/Major Eligible Employer Grant
        The Virginia Investment Partnership (VIP) Grant and the Major Eligible Employer Grant (MEE) are discretionary performance incentives designed to encourage continued capital investment by Virginia companies, resulting in added capacity, modernization, increased productivity, or the creation, development and utilization of advanced technology.


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