Equestrian Quarantine Facility


Fauquier County has been working with Loudoun County over the past year to complete a Feasibility Study for establishing a Quarantine Facility at Dulles Airport. The study was funded by Fauquier and Loudoun Counties, which both committed $30,000 towards the effort. The results of the study were reported the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors (BOS) in January, and in Loudoun County in March. The results of the Study will be presented to the Metropolitan-Washington Airport Authority in the near future. Dulles Airport is currently working to expand it’s Cargo Services and is reviewing various potential cargo services for location within a 416-acre parcel of land on the western side of the Airport.

Currently, the East Coast is served by only two such quarantine facilities; one in New York and one in Miami. A quarantine facility at Dulles could be a significant boost for the local and regional equestrian industry. The facility would likely also host quarantine space for other domesticated animals as well.