Department Services

The Fauquier County Department of Economic Development

The Fauquier County Department of Economic Development is charged by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors to work to expand the economic base by developing three areas of business development:

  • Assist companies already established in Fauquier County
  • Encourage new businesses to locate to Fauquier County
  • Enhance the development of tourism in Fauquier County

Business Assistance

Most of the Department’s focus is on existing businesses that have outgrown their current space and must relocate to larger facilities, or need to expand their current facilities. These existing businesses are the strength of the County business base and thus are the priority of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors.

Business Development

Assisting new businesses that wish to relocate their operations to Fauquier County or to locate satellite operations in the County has been an increasingly important role of the Department.  Assistance in identifying potential site locations and guidance in understanding the zoning permitting regulations is a growing function of the Department.

Tourism and Travel

The growing tourism and travel trade industry is a dominant economic engine in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fauquier County’s Tourism Program works to develop programs to assist tourism-related businesses and to promote Fauquier County as a destination for visitors. Please visit our tourism website,

Key Partnerships

Strong partnerships with various county organizations are key to economic growth initiatives. Fauquier County is fortunate to have strong, effective organizations such as the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce, Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce, George Mason University, the Fauquier County Economic Development Authority (EDA), Lord Fairfax Community College, the Southern Fauquier Business Owners Association, and the Marshall Business and Residents Association.

A strong public and private education system, a growing Community College campus, and an award-winning hospital and medical system are also significant partners in the growing economy of Fauquier County.